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Dr. Homer was born 1938 in Habbaniya Iraq to father Shamasha Moshi Youhana and mother Sarai Youhana. When Sh. Moshi came to understand that there were no schools available for his young children in Habbaniya, therefore he moved the family to Kirkuk where Sh. Moshi was employed in (IPC) Iraq Petroleum Company and lived in I.P.C. residential area (Arrapha Estate Second Class) and the children were enrolled in the Assyrian Elementary School until Dr. Homer obtained his High School Diploma from Kirkuk.  At the Assyrian School, He was one of the most intelligent students.

Then the father ‘Sh. Moshi’ moved the young family to Baghdad.  In Baghdad Dr. Homer obtained his Bachelors of Science from College of Education, University of Baghdad. In 1969 he traveled to England in pursue his higher education at The University of Manchester, where he obtained his Masters and PHD in Nuclear Physics. So, in 1974 he returned to Iraq as a Professor and started his teaching career at the University of Baghdad, and in 1981 Dr. Homer also started his new position as a Nuclear Researcher at an Iraqi Nuclear Plant. Later, in the 90’s he taught in several Iraqi universities. Throughout his career as a Professor, Dr. Homer mentored several theses candidates of which two of them were Assyrians who got their masters.

 Growing up in a home where his father was a deacon (Shamasha at the Mar Gewargis Church in Kirkuk, Dr. Homer gained an extensive knowledge in Assyrian language and Assyrian History and later he reinforced that with his own research in both of these fields. A genius, an Assyrian scientist in his field, yet he decided to live with his family in a humble house in Dora, Baghdad, within his community. His knowledge and positive influence motivated hundreds of young Assyrian men and women to pursue college and higher education. Truly, the Assyrian nation lost a pioneer; nonetheless, a whole Assyrian generation was inspired by his intellectual achievement and status.

 Dr. Homer left behind his wife Ardahan Oshana, his Son Dr. Sami (Brain Surgeon) and wife Lena, daughter Helen and husband Ivor, and Son Jacob and wife Nahrain, and many grandchildren and relatives.

 May God rest his soul in peace, and give strength to his family. Funeral service took place at Saint Andrews (Assyrian) Church, 901 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Glenview, Illinois on Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 10:00 Am., after prayers, procession to the Mary Hill Cemetery in Niles, Illinois. The family then accepted   condolences after breakfast that was served at the church hall. 

Dr. Homer’s family express their best wishes and love to all those priests, deacons, friends and relatives who so kindly participated in the funeral on June 12, 2014.

The picture was taken on Sept. 2, 2012 at the ‘Assyrian School Kirkuk’  85th Anniversary in Illinois, USA (Pictures will be posted soon)