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In late 1930s and until mid-1950s the Assyrians of Kirktik had many sport teams, such as Tennis, Volley Ball, Football (Soccer), Boxing, etc. The Boxing Teams trainer was late Michael Lazar (his mother the famous late Naqshi), the Boxing Team was the best, to name some of them: Alfred Isaac, Khoshaba Shamro, Ashour Michael, Daniel Yousif (Penjo), Alphanso Zarib, Youaw Toma and many others. Raabi Youash Iskander (his mother was the famous late Raabi Khoumar) coached the Assyrian Stars Football Team, the strongest in Kirkuk, among the players were: Alfred Isaac, Youaw Baijan, Toma Michael, Marbena Michael, Elisha Easha, Youaw Isaac. Isaac Yaco Isaac, Gewargis Toma, (Saga) Sargis Younan , Easha Awisha, Youarish Isaac, as well as he coached the Assyrian Volleyball Team. Tennis players during late 1930s and until late l940s, were Youlious Yousif, Youkhana Nader, Raabi Youash lskander, Youel Khnana, Lazar Petros , Shamill Aziz (Shawo), Benyamin Raphael Khan. Leon Raphael Khan, etc.

In August 1964, the first official Assyrian Sports Club was established in Kirkuk, this idea was brought in by Isaac Darmo. The activities in this Club were many, such as Basket Ball, Volleyball, Tennis, Hockey, Football and various other social functions such as Plays, Parties, Fun Fares, Bingo, Picnics, etc. The Club is still in existence but under the name of "Al-Ta'amim Club". The first Chairman of the Club was David Youash.

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