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 This web site is not and will not be complete without the input of those who lived in Kirkuk, have pictures, stories, or articles. The information shared here will serve as a history book for the generations to come. So, if you have few pictures from your days at the Assyrian School of Kirkuk, or you have story from the days you used to spend the nights at the Assyrian Athletic Club of Kirkuk, or maybe it's just a personal story that you can share with all of us, please contact us with an Email, and we can go over the information and hopefully post them here. Also, make sure to sign our Guest Register, share your contact information in our Kirkuk Directory, or send us any news that are regarding the Assyrians in or from the Kirkuk. Thank you & may the Lord bless our nation.
This web site is managed by Ninos Awisha Lazar, in Chandler, Arizona. 

I was born in Kirkuk, attended the Assyrian School of Kirkuk and graduated in 1975. At the Assyrian School, I was envolved in many activities, such as dramas, dances, songs, etc. I was also one of the two Accordion players that plays with the school choir in all the school events and also in the yearly Christmas TV programs.

My Father Mr. Awisha Zekaria Lazar, has served many terms in the school committee. He arrived United States from Kuwait on Easter Sunday 1985. In 1986 was elected for the newly created Assyrian National Council of Illinois in Chicago for two terms. Served the Assyrian Church of the East (Mar Gewargis) Sunday School for four years.

Few years ago, he started the Assyrian School reunions in Chicago, and has been the main contributor to this web site. For Technical help or information, or to submit pictures, articles, or other material to be considered for this site, please Email Us.

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 This web site is being put together to serve as an archive of the recent history of Assyrians in the city of Kirkuk.